Welcome to LUNA

LUNA soft ice cream technology stands for more than 50 years of know-how and ongoing development. The fruits of our work are premium soft ice cream and milk shake machines that fulfil the highest of demands as regards quality, technology & service.

The special feature of LUNA ice cream technology is the unique pasteurisation system. Using heat to sterilize our soft ice cream and milk shake machines, it ensures that they are absolutely hygienic. It furthermore makes it possible that our machines run every day; manual cleaning becomes necessary only after 42 days. The high hygienic standard of our machines is additionally guaranteed by our overpressure system. This closed system comprising storage container and freezer cylinder ensures that only purified air is used in the manufacture of LUNA soft ice cream. This means that our ice cream technology not only warrants absolute hygiene but also convinces by the easy to operate cleaning system that works fast and efficiently also after prolonged machine operation – your guarantee for constant margins.

Have a look at the extensive range of our ice cream technology products. Our soft ice cream machines and our milk shake machines are available in many different versions: as self-service or coin-operated machines, with or without fruit sauce dispenser, with air or water cooling, with remote control or with touch screen.